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Strut and continuous inserts are accurately and carefully cold formed to size from low carbon strip steel. The
Strut has a continuous slot with inturned edges. Secure attachments may be made to the framing member with the use of hardened, toothed, grooved nuts which engage the inturned edges.
The fittings, unless noted otherwise, are punch press formed from low carbon steel plates or strip.
The Unistrut® nuts are produced from steel bars and after all manufacturing operations are completed, zinc plated nuts are case hardened. They are rectangular with the ends so shaped as to permit a quarter turn crosswise in the framing member after inserting through the slotted opening in the Strut and to prevent any further turning of the nut. Two serrated grooves in the top of the nut engage the inturned edges of the Strut and after bolting operations are completed, will prevent any longitudinal movement of the bolt and nut within the framing member. All bolts and nuts have ISO metric coarse screw threads.
Masses given for all material are approximate shipping weights. All dimensions subject to commercial tolerance variations.
All single Unistrut® Strut members are accurately and carefully rolled from strip steel to AS1594 and AS1365. Spot-welded combination members are welded 75mm (maximum) on centre. Some members may require fillet welding.
Standard Lengths
Standard lengths of the above Strut are 6m. Facilities are available to cut standard lengths into any special lengths for a small cutting charge. Custom lengths and custom products are non-returnable and non-refundable.
Section Shape
The roll forming process used by Unistrut® Australia produces a consistent Strut within the manufacturing tolerance allowed . The process includes stresses
within the section itself which we are released when the Strut is cut. This creates a common condition known as “Bellmouth” where the section deforms slightly for a small distance in from the end.
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All rights reserved. Unistrut® reserves the right to make specification changes without notice in the interest of improving our products.
All Strut are available in Plain, Hot Dipped Galvanised, Galvabond, Zinc Plated and Polyester finishes.
Plain - Plain finish on Unistrut® Strut is an oiled finish that is applied to the raw material by the steel mill. The cold rolling process used to form Unistrut® Strut removes the excess of this oil and the residue provides a modicum of protection for the channel in storage. The plain finish on Unistrut® fittings is that of the commercial bar stock input material. No surface treatment is applied to plain finish fittings.
Galvabond Strut - Input material is supplied by the steel mill generally in accordance with AS1397 having a coating class of Z275. The material is slit to width and roll formed to shape.
Powder Coated - Strut and parts are carefully cleaned and phosphated. Immediately after phosphating, a uniform coat
of thermosetting polyester powder is electrostatically applied then baked. Minimum coating thickness to exterior surfaces is 50 microns. The polyester coating is ultra-violet stabilised.
Hot Dipped Galvanised - Coatings are applied generally
in accordance with AS/NZS4680. The thickness of the coating is dependent on the material thickness of the component being galvanised. It should be noted that due
to the galvanising process, the thickness of the coating will vary over the surface and should be taken into account during component assembly. It may be necessary to remove excess buiId-up prior to use.
Zinc Plated - Strut, fittings and components are electroplated generally in accordance with AS1789. Fasteners are electroplated generally in accordance with AS1897 Service Condition 1.
Stainless Steel - Unistrut® stainless steel Strut is manufactured from Grade 316 stainless steel. The material is slit to width and roll formed to shape. Grade 316 stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and has advantages over grade 304 stainless steel,
such as:
• Resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride environments.
• Superiorresistancetoordinaryrustinginmostapplications.
• Regularlyusedinaggressivecoastalandmarine environments.
• Highly recommended for food processing environments where it can be easily cleaned and has a greater resistance to organic and inorganic chemical substances.
Aluminium - Unistrut® aluminium Struts are manufactured from high strength alloy 6106-T6 for all extruded components and 5005 for sheet or plate components. These alloys are suitable for marine applications and offer excellent all round corrosion resistance.
Specific Coating - When specific applications require other commercially available finishes, they can be supplied according to specification. Custom products are non- returnable and non-refundable.

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